JAG, in various seasons, had Christmas-themed episodes. In order they were:

Season 4: Episode:Jaggle Bells - Harm secures the office for the holidays and meets Lieutenant Commander Jordan Parker, who is brought up on DUI charges. Chloe Maddison is also introduced and Bud helps find her father. Admiral A.J. Chegwidden is desperate to find a flight to Italy and Bud manages to find him one, albeit via a military transport. End of episode wish: "HAPPY HOLIDAYS .. Especially to the men and women of our armed forces"

Season 5: Episode:Ghosts of Christmas Past - Harm wishes his father Merry Christmas on Christmas Eve and meets Jenny Lake who recounts her meeting with Harmon Rabb, Senior. JAG Actors and Actresses including Sibel Galindez nee Ergener play different roles in this episode. End of episode wish: "THIS SHOW IS DEDICATED TO BOB HOPE AND THE USO WHO HAVE ENTERTAINED OUR SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN IN PEACE AND WAR ALL OVER THE WORLD."

Season 7: Episode:Answered Prayers - Harm has to take charge of Petty Officer Third Class Jennifer Coates, brought up on UA and resisting apprehension. Singer falsely accused her of stealing her braclet. Harm mistakenly believes his Corvette was stolen, only to find Sturgis Turner borrowing it for a ride. Turner's father, a Navy Chaplain gives a sermon. Clayton Webb gives Harm a present, his half-brother, Sergei. Introduction of Zoe Mclellan to the series. End of episode wish: "Happy Holidays to the Men and Women who protect and serve our country at home and abroad."

Season 8: Episode:All Ye Faithful - Christmas themed episode. One story shows Harm and retired Rear-Admiral Tom Boone flying home on a Tomcat and escorting a disabled Marine C-130. End of series wish: " THE MEN AND WOMEN OF OUR ARMED FORCES DEDICATED TO KEEPING PEACE ON EARTH".

Season 9: Episode:A Merry Little Christmas- Harm fights for cusstody of Mattie, Sturgis' father performs the sermon again, Sturgis gets a girlfriend. End of episode wish: "Happy Holidays and Best Wishes All Year Long to the Men and Women of our Armed Forces."

"Almost a Christmas Episode" Season 10: The Four Percent Solution: Mac is knocked unconscious in an auto accident on Christmas Eve and we see her meetings with her therapist Lt Commander McCool along with flashbacks of her life at JAG.