Episode No.   Season
8x Eight
Original Broadcast Date Template:BroadcastDate/S8
Writer Donald P. Bellisario and Don McGill
Director Donald P. Bellisario
Chronological Information
Preceded by Episode: Ice Queen

Meltdown is the twenty-first episode of Season 8 of JAG which also serves as a back-door pilot for the spin-off series, NCIS. It first aired on April 29th, 2003.


As the evidence mounts against Harm, only the efforts of the NCIS team may keep him out of the brig for life, but with NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs off trying to stop another terrorist attack, it falls to his colleagues Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo and Vivian "Viv" Blackadder to find evidence leading them to the real killer and stop Harm from being punished for a crime he didn't commit.


  • This episode also marks the final appearance of Viv Blackadder as due to overwhelmingly negative reactions from test audiences, Blackadder was dropped from the series with her actress, Robyn Lively being let go. In all future NCIS episodes, the role of Tony's partner would be filled by three women: Kate Todd, Ziva David and Ellie Bishop.

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