Sibel Ergener/Galindez as Dixie.


Sibel Ergener/Galindez as Dixie.

Summary: During his annual visit to the Vietnam Memorial, Harm meets Jenny Lake, a former singer in Bob Hope's USO band, who was there the Christmas his father (in 1969 a pilot on CVA-14 USS Ticonderoga) was shot down. The 1969 timeline is recreated through Harm's interpretation, with actors of the main cast portraying characters from 1969 and seen by Harm as the characters of the 1999 timeline. The episode includes Harm Jr as Harm Senior, Sarah MacKenzie as Jenny Lake, Harriet Sims as Phyllis Diller, Congresswoman Bobby Latham as Diana Ross, Sibel Galindez as Dixie, Mic Brumby as the USS Ticonderoga CAG, Bud Roberts as Lt Gibson (Harm Senior's navigator, shot down with him at the end of the episode), Victor Galindez as Lt Garcia, SecNav Nelson as press photographer Morton Steele, Admiral Chegwidden as CPO Burns, Mikey Roberts as Ensign Everett and Jason Tiner as Lt Bond.

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