"Crossing the Line" is the twenty seventh overall episode of JAG, and the fifth in Season 2.


Harm and Mac face political pressure when a female pilot accuses Captain Boone of sexual harassment, the Captain says she's simply a bad aviator, and a prominent, obnoxious Congresswoman intervenes in the investigation. Mac supports the reckless Lt Issaks, while Harm gallantly managed to save Skates.

Memorable QuotesEdit

Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: "For a woman to be one of the guys, well, sometimes she has to be willing to give up something of herself. You know, be less of a woman. Sometimes it sucks."


First appearance of Lieutenant Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes, who would become Harm's RIO.

Skates first appearrance

Skates passing Harm and Mac documents from the CAG.


Skates talking to Tom Boone


Harm carrying Skates

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