Summary: Skates rescues Harm from hypothermia and Harm terms it as "jumping his bones".

Memorable QuotesEdit

Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Can I try, doctor? He knows me.
Doctor: Get him talking.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Harm. Harm! Harm. Harm, It's cold down here. And I need you. I can't do it all by myself. Help me Harm, come on, You promised you'd help me. I'm holding you to that. I can't swim very well. You have to help me.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Commander can you hear me!
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes:Take that thing off! Take it off!!
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes (getting very close to Harm's face): Save me.
Harm (in a faint raspy voice): I'm...trying.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Don't let go. Don't let go
Harm: Hi.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Hi yourself.
Harm: I'm cold.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Keep talking.
Harm: I can't breathe.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Oh, I'm sorry. (moves back from Harm's face)
Harm: Have we dated?
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes:You're gonna be ok...

Harm: I heard you jumped my bones in sickbay.
Elizabeth "Skates" Hawkes: Rumor.

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