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A New Life
Pilot, Part I & II
Episode No.   Season
1 & 2 1x01-02 One
Original Broadcast Date 23 September 1995
Writer Donald P. Bellisario
Director Donald P. Bellisario
Chronological Information
Followed by "Shadow"

"A New Life" is the pilot episode of JAG. In the official count, it comprises episodes 1 and 2 of the first season.


When a female US Navy F-14 Radar Intercept Officer is killed at sea, Lt. Harmon Rabb and his partner Lt. (j.g.) Caitlin "Kate" Pike must find out who tossed her overboard.

Cast Edit

David James Elliott as Lt. Harmon Rabb Jr.
Andrea Parker as Lt. (j.g.) Kate Pike
Terry O'Quinn as the CAG (Cmdr. Thomas Boone)

Guest Starring Edit
Co-Starring Edit

Location Edit

Articles of The Uniform Code of Military Justice Edit

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